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Meteora is a complex of huge, dark rocks of sandstone, rising out of Kalambaka, near the first hills of Pindos and Hassia. The Meteora monasteries, built on the top of some of the rocks, are today the second most important monastic complex in Greece, after Mount Athos. Of the thirty that have historically existed, only six are now operating, which since 1988 have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Delphi was an ancient Greek city in which the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world operated. The town dates from the Homeric years under the name Pythos. At the beginning of the historical years it was one of the cities of ancient Phocis, but gradually the role of the city was strengthened and evolved into a panhellenic center and holy city of ancient Greeks.

Ancient Nemea

Ancient Nemea is a village of the Prefecture of Corinth with 592 inhabitants . It is the homonymous municipal district of the Municipality of Nemea.
Named city of antiquity, also known by the mythical lion, who killed Hercules. The ruins of Nemea Zeus Temple, from which only three columns are preserved and the rest of some others, are within a short distance of the current village of Ancient Nemea. Named are also the Nemea wines produced in the region.


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